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The CPUmemory and bus are internal components of a computer.  
Everything else is an input or output device .

List of I/O Devices: 
  1. Disk 
  2. Keyboard  
  3. Hard disk 
  4. Speakers  
  5. Floppy 
  6. Printer  
  7. CD 
  8. Mouse  
  9. DVD 
  10. Scanner  
  11. Monitor 
  12. Game controller  
  13. Network 
  14. USB drive, etc.  

I/O Controllers: 

The input/output controller is a device that interfaces between an input or output device and the computer or hardware device.  

The input/output controller on a computer is commonly located on the motherboard.  

An I/O controller can also be an internal add-on that can either be used as a replacement or to allow for additional input or output devices for the computer.  

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