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Faster read and write compared to traditional hard disk drives. Flash memory is a memory storage device for computers and electronics. It is most often used in devices like digital cameras, USB flash drives, and video games. It is quite similar to EEPROM. 

Flash memory is
different from RAM because RAM is volatile (not permanent). When power is turned off, RAM loses all its data. Flash can keep its data intact with no power at all. 

A hard drive also is permanent (non-volatile) storage, but it is bulky and fragile. 
Flash memory is one kind of Non-volatile random-access memory.  
It is slower than RAM but faster than hard drives. It is much used in small electronics because it is small and has no moving parts. 

The main weakness of flash memory is that it is more expensive than hard drives for the same amount of storage. Another weakness of flash memory is the number of times that data can be written to it.  

Data can be read from flash as many times as desired, but after a certain number of "write" operations, it will stop working. Most flash devices are designed for about 100,000 - 1,000,000 write operations (or "write cycles").  

Advantages of Flash Memory: 
  • Faster read and write compared to traditional hard disk drives. 
  • Smaller size.
  • Less prone to damage.
  • Cheaper than traditional drives in small storage capacities.
  • Uses less power than traditional hard disk drives.
  • Flash memory cells have a limited number of write and erase cycles before failing. 
  • Most flash drives do not have have a write-protection mechanism 
  • Smaller size devices, such as flash drives make them easier to lose.
  • Currently costs a lot more per gigabyte than traditional hard drives for large storage capacities. 
  • May require a special version of a program to run on a flash-based drive to protect from prematurely wearing out the drive. 
Uses of Flash Memory:- 
  • Flash Memory used in, 
  • USB Drives,  
  • SSD Drives,  
  • Computer RAM (occasionally), 
  • Hybrid drives (small SSD + Hard Drive), 
  • Graphics cards, and 
  • Memory cards.

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