How to Read JSON File using Javascript


Before reading about how we can read a json file from client side scripting
language i.e. javascript. I should tell you that most of programmers knows that json file is only readable by calling a code on server using ajax request. But, today here I’ll tell you how we can read a json file using javascript code with

Below I’m giving you screenshots of code and outputs.

This code is used to read json file using javascript code. Here input type file is used to select json file and get that element using getElementById, addEventListener “change” to it and call function readSelectedJson().

Into this function, from event read file object and from that object read json object using FileReader() object.
Next Screenshot shows after running html file.

Now, select the json file and get your output after reading json file on alert as a string.

 If you have any queries regarding this topic drop in comments. Thank you all for reading my post. :) 

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