Operators in C Programming Language


We know that C programming language is very vital to understand in computer science studies. C language has so many important topics to understand and, into these topics, a topic of operators in C is also there.
We will discuss operators in C programming language. Firstly, we should have knowledge about what are the operators. Operators means the characters used in programming language as a syntax to handle different type of operations.

In C language there are different types of operators
used for different type of operations. Following are the types:-

Arithmetic Operators

c operators arithemetic operators-finallygot.com

Logical Operators

These operators are in the place of logical gates such as: AND, OR, NOR, NOT etc.

c operators logical operators-finallygot.com

Assignment Operators

These operators are used to assign values. This could be of many types:-

c operators assignment operators-finallygot.com

Relational Operators

These operators are used to compare one operand with second operand. Different types of relational operators.

c operators relational operators-finallygot.com

Miscellaneous Operators

There are some other operators support by C language comes under miscellaneous means they are not specific.

c operators misc operators-finallygot.com

So these are the operators support by C programming language. Operators are very useful in any program without operators we can’t handle any operation in a program. Every language has its symbols for operators; these symbols were decided so compilers can understand them easily. We can use any of these operators as per their syntax in our programs. 

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