Its all about Model View Controller (MVC)


In developing applications or software’s we have to be very familiar with any of programming languages used in computer science but except from programming languages we should be familiar with the most important concept of development or say design patterns and that
concept is what today I’m explaining you all.

MVC (Model View Controller) is the concept which is very common and useful in developing an efficient application.

What is MVC?

MVC is a framework or architecture made for making web application very efficient and it is the architecture using which we make our development easier and more understandable. Basically it separates the representation and information from programs.

Why We Use MVC?

  • Many developers use MVC pattern because it’s very useful for making application in which they can reuse the object code they had written.

  • When using MVC many of developers can reduce time taken in making applications.

  • MVC will isolate or can say separate the use interface code with database code, so programmer has ease to handle both without mixing them.

MVC Explanation

all about model view controller mvc
Image from wikipedia (MVC Overview)

MVC stands for Model View Controller and as like it’s name suggest it is made up of three components or three parts used for software development:-

Model, this is an object which contains more information about data means data access is handled by model part e.g. setters and getters and database queries.

View, this part of MVC framework contains information or coding or user interface only, it has only code what use sees on a web page before any action or after any action.

Controller, last part of MVC is controller and in this component all software coding exist which manages how data is taken from model and used by view part i.e. before rendering data on webpage some alteration done in this component.

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