How To Get YouTube Channel Videos Using YouTube API Call


If you want to get particular YouTube channel videos information like, videoId, thumbnail URL, title, description, etc; for using those videos in your different type of applications.

Then, you have to call YouTube API (called as YouTube Data API) given by Google, the basic URL for that YouTube API is :

and, with parameters to get videos of particular channel on YouTube is :{YOUR_CHANNEL_ID}&maxResults=50&key={YOUR_API_KEY}

Steps for getting this URL for your YouTube channel videos :-

  • First, open this URL in your browser, and scroll down until you see YouTube Data API, just like below


  • after that, you have to click that YouTube Data API and next page will be like this, 


  • In this picture you will see, various services of YouTube API's, for getting videos of any YouTube channel, you have to select , then another page will open, which looks like that, 


  • In this page, you will see various text fields, these text fields are the parameters to be passed in HTTP request of YouTube API call, you can study about them from this website of google. i am telling you the required parameters value to call YouTube API and see the response.
  • Fill text fields values, 

     part = snippet 

    maxResults = {ACCORDING TO YOU}

    order = date (the ordering of videos in response)

or, fill parameters as per your requirement.
  • Then, click EXECUTE button at below , for getting response and URL for making HTTP requests from your applications.
  • URL is :{YOUR_CHANNEL_ID}&maxResults=50&key={YOUR_API_KEY}
  • Response will be in json format, at bottom of page.
So, at last you can use this type of json formatted data in your applications.

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