What is Albrecht Function Point Analysis


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Actually Albrecht was an IBM company worker, and at that time when he was working for IBM, developed an method for determining the functional size of software/applications.
The method also determine the productivity or cost of software system.
That, method use Functional Points (FP), that's why method called as


Functional Points :- Function Points are the unit measure for software application, which tells, 
                                   how much of effort or cost used to develop a software application/system.
                                   like, sq. ft. is the unit measure for measuring the size of any plot for making a 
                                   building or house.

So, According to ALBRECHT, to analyze functional size of software system, we have to break software system, into smaller components, and by using these components, we can get Functional Points (unit to measure functional size and productivity or cost of system).

The Components in which we will break the software system are :-
  1. External Inputs :- This component refer to the inputs given by end-user to the software system. e.g:- Entering log in information in text fields, or clicking on any button to get desired response.etc.
  2. External Outputs :- This component refer to the outputs given by software system, to end-user as a response. It can be through screen, printer or any other output device.
  3. External Inquiry :-  In this component, Software's that part included which handle the end-user inquiries about system. for e.g:- end-user submitting a query for getting data from database, or requesting for online help, etc.
  4. Logical Internal Files :- This component include that part of software which uses the system files, or files(records) stored in software itself to run any process, or, for executing any command.
  5. External Interface File :- This component means, that part which handle the external applications, or any system to communicate with software system.
And, now for finding Functional Point for whole software system, we have to check complexity of each component defined above, it can be High, Average, or Low.

Then, check each complexity weight as per complexity (high, average, or low), from Complexity Multiplier Table, and multiply that weight with its corresponding component Count value(Given in Problems or Questions),

Albrecht Complexity Multipliers Table :-

Components Low Complexity Average Complexity High Complexity
External Inputs 3 4 6
External Outputs 4 5 7
External Inquiry 3 4 6
Logical Internal Files 7 10 15
External Interface Files 5 7 10

After that summed all values of each component, then the result is overall Functional Point of Software System,
Which tells the cost or effort to develop an application or software system.

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