Gaming With CORE JAVA


Hello, Friends now time to get Java Programming, In my summer vacation, I went through Java Programming, and got some knowledge to read further about Java or to do some Developing work.

So, I want to share my developed game with the help of Core Java, within a week, and I want to know whether the public like that or not, and Friends, Tell me also if any bugs or future amendment in that Game, Hmmmm I think you want to know the name of that, so, the name is here,


I think you all know this game, this is totally based on our childhood game, in which we all played this game in our notebook, Blackboard.
But, you have to install J.D.K(Java Development Kit, for Creating Java Environment in your System) before running this game, and if you have the one on your system, then nothing is problem you can just open zip file and Enjoy the game...


                                      Download File

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If you have any questions or suggestions, you are free to ask, i will appreciate that and, i will try my best...

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